fighting yourself is no joke
fighting yourself will kill the true you
don’t lose yourself before the world could get to you
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Lost. Repeat.

Whats coming to be has a defensive structure welcomes life without a key to survival

To enter in the right door with the conclusion of many different quest isn’t entering just more of an elusion

To find the right elusion without being left an exit for right now returning to what’s there is the only answer to an exit

What’s setting is steps being lost for life’s little desires

This is Nothing to be unheard of just because everything has been done
Yet grateful for anything that’s not troubling to off set something that never seems to appear closer in mind
Not including the time…wait.
Its like to keep faith, but knowing faith hates time
Having my eyelids more close than ever for that any giving redirection
In a space with so much mental complex in such usage to search for redirection is the direct use
To say….wait.
Many steps to human growth but never to mental growth shows why I can misunderstand
That could say……wait.
Allowing time to fix a human growth with faith losing patience is why I have misunderstandings
I don’t know how to set easy to a burning fire that symbols what love desires
To only say…..wish….wait.
To being freedom to who has many desires that what I desire
That’s said….we won’t wait.
This way of love leads with no understanding to why I’m being left unheard at the sometime can’t say being left unseen
Now that’s said….

Love being read with human growth that has misunderstanding will lead to elusions
To be built without breaking…..i say empty feeling.